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Born in 1960, I was raised as an expatriate in South America and Asia due to my father’s work. Traversing different countries and continents, my view of the world expanded and deepened through witnessing first-hand the schisms of third world societies, as well as the richness of the Latin American and Asian peoples and landscapes. Thus was born my life-long wanderlust and an interest in other languages and cultures.

My parents were a unique and unlikely blend of Latin charisma and Louisiana charm. My mother, originally of Italian descent, was born and raised in poverty on the bayou of Louisiana. Her family struggled through the Depression, while my grandfather, a humble and wise man, could neither read nor write and kept the family savings under a mattress. My father was Cuban born, Argentinean raised and naturalized as a US citizen.  As a result, my psyche incorporates an international, yet southern flair for everything from food to music, literature and art. To add to that blend, I eventually married Michael, a man of Syrian descent, who introduced me to Middle Eastern culture. Together, we have two daughters, Sarah and Hannah, who have enhanced my life immeasurably. 

I earned my MFA in Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts and my undergraduate degree in business from Emory University. My work has appeared in literary journals and anthologies and has won awards and notable mentions. I speak on the topic of forgiveness, am a contributor to The Forgiveness Project, a UK based not-for-profit organization, and teach literature and writing part-time at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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