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Nautilus Book Awards Winner


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I am a writer, teacher, mother and wife, not necessarily always in that order. My writing was born out of a desire to make sense of my own life and its unique twists and turns.  Later, when I realized I could help others as they traverse similar jagged paths, I also discovered the power of writing. As many writers have helped me along my own journey, I strive to do the same for others.


My writing seeks to explore the mysteries in our lives that are seemingly greater than ourselves. Writing my stories has been a sacred journey for me, full of epiphanies that seem to have written me as much as I have written them.


Within the context of complex relationships and often-painful events, my writing and characters lead me, not straightforwardly or quickly, to places full of grace, spirit, forgiveness and healing.

"Stephanie Cassatly’s redemptive memoir is a great gift to humanity. Chronicling her mother’s life and death and the progression of her own forgiving heart, the book moves from capsizing grief to a place of hope, healing and strength.  This compelling transformative narrative is important reading for anyone seeking to make meaning out of trauma, deal with unresolved pain or simply better understand the healing power of forgiveness."

Marina Catacuzino

Founder of The Forgiveness Project and author of Stories for a Vengeful Age

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